【COP28】China Energy Transformation Outlook 2023 Event /《中国能源转型展望2023》介绍会

China Energy Transformation 2023 Event

Join us for the introduction of the new China Energy Transformation Outlook 2023 and a discussion of the global energy transformation trends on 9 December at 18:00 GMT+4 at the Chinese Pavilion or online.


In the face of the escalating climate crisis, need for global economic recovery, heightened geopolitical conflicts, and increased risks in the low-carbon energy industry and supply chains, there is an urgent need to accelerate the low-carbon transformation. Energy, as the most significant greenhouse gas-emitting sector, requires swift transformation. Climate change is with no borders, and instilling strong confidence in forging a green future together is a collective call of the international community. We must cooperate hand in hand to realize the future of China and the global energy transformation.

This side event is jointly organised by the Energy Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Macroeconomics Research, and the College of Smart Energy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and State Power Investment Corporation. The side event will invite senior representatives from China, Denmark, the United States, the International Energy Agency (IEA), the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), as well as government representatives, high-level think tank experts, and industry leaders to candidly discuss the transformation pathways toward net-zero emissions in the energy system. We will explore how technological innovation, policy measures, and international cooperation can overcome obstacles, create opportunities, and collectively advance the pace of low-carbon energy transformation in China and globally.

During this side event, the Energy Research Institute (ERI), Chinese Academy of Macroeconomics Research will introduce the new launched annual flagship report of the “China Energy Transformation” program, titled “China Energy Transformation Outlook 2023″ (CETO 2023). This international cooperation project led by ERI, aiming to achieve China’s carbon neutrality commitment, conducts an analysis of energy transformation pathways. The research results are based on collaboration among project members from China, Denmark, the United States, and other countries, reflecting a consensus within the project team. CETO 2023 incorporates the latest policy measures in China’s energy transformation, analyses the turbulence and challenges in the energy market, systematically evaluates the latest developments in energy technologies such as electrification, green hydrogen, renewables, smart and flexible energy, power to “X”, and negative carbon technologies, and proposes solutions and transformation pathways for China’s energy system net-zero emissions. (Program website: www.cet.energy)

Conference Language: Simultaneous interpretation in Chinese and English.

Light refreshments will be provided for attending guests.


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Meeting room number: 83221637198






本次边会上,中国宏观经济研究院能源研究所(ERI)将介绍新发布的“中国能源转型”项目年度旗舰报告《中国能源转型展望2023》(CETO 2023)。能源所开展的“中国能源转型”国际合作项目以实现中国碳中和承诺为目标,对能源转型路径展开分析,研究成果基于来自中国、丹麦、美国等国课题组成员合作,体现了课题组共识。CETO 2023纳入中国能源转型的最新政策举措,分析能源市场的动荡与挑战,系统评估电气化与电氢化、可再生能源、智慧灵活能源、电制燃料、负碳等能源技术的最新进展,提出中国能源系统净零排放的解决方案与转型路径。(项目网址www.cet.energy