Summary of China’s energy and power sector statistics in 2023

Summary of China’s Energy and Power Sector Statistics is one of the research products of the China Energy Transformation (CET) programme. It is published annually as the March special issue of the China Energy Policy Newsletter. The Summary summarises the annual statistical data on China’s energy and electricity supply and consumption in the previous year, especially the development of wind power and solar PV. Starting from 2022, the Summary has added sections on new-type energy storage, hydrogen energy, and power market, describing the results of emerging technologies and market-based means that support the realisation of dual-carbon goals, aiming to present the progress of China’s energy transition more comprehensively. The data in the Summary are all statistics based on the coal substitution method and released by government departments. The Summary (2023 version) adds new data on the development of the EV industry, as well as an outlook and analysis of the development of the wind power and solar PV industry in 2024. Please download the 2019-2022 Summary from the CET website.