China Energy Policy Newsletter – January 2024

In this month’s newsletter:

China energy transition updates

  • The Chinese government releases 2018 national carbon emissions data
  • The State Council releases the third air quality improvement action plan
  • NDRC releases the results of the mid-term evaluation of the 14th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development
  • NDRC proposes 2030 development targets for V2G specifically
  • China’s first spot power market officially operates
  • International recognition of green certificate made progress

Policy monitoring

  • NEA announces list of new-type energy storage pilot projects
  • MIIT releases 2030 green development plan for the shipbuilding industry
  • NDRC announces the requirements to sign mid-to long-term power contracts in 2024
  • NDRC releases action plan for green development of boilers
  • NDRC clarifies inter-provincial natural gas pipeline transportation prices by region for the first time
  • NDRC announces list of the first batch of carbon peak pilots
  • NDRC requires the establishment of a product carbon footprint management system
  • NEA optimises renewable energy data statistics system

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