CREO 2019

The benefits of a green energy transition are enormous and will enable China to continue the economic development into a moderately prosperous society with reasonable economic growth, but it is important to realise that the transition will create both winners and losers in the short term when the energy system changes from black to green. Hence the transition process must address these challenges without losing sight of the long‐term goal.

The next five years will be crucial for the energy transition. The 14th five‐year plan will set the direction and pace for the transition, and China’s commitment to the Paris Agreement in the coming years will be decisive for the possibilities to solve the global climate crisis.

Therefore, China Renewable Energy Outlook, CREO 2019, has a clear focus on the short‐term actions in the context of the long‐term visions for the Chinese energy system. The rapid cost reduction for solar and wind power gives the basis for stepping up the deployment rate of these technologies. Still, many barriers must be removed to ensure a smooth and cost‐efficient integration into the whole system.