China Energy Policy Newsletter – December 2020

In this month’s newsletter:

Project activities

  • Danish power market liberalisation experiences

China energy transition updates

  • China puts forward the proposals for the 14th Five-Year Plan for economic and social development
  • MEE solicits opinions on the allocation method of carbon allowances in the power industry
  • MoF determines the scope of renewable power projects to receive national subsidies
  • The capacity of national subsidized household PV in 2020 determined
  • The first offshore wind power project in Northeast China is connected to the grid


  • How Mandatory RE Power Consumption Mechanism play its role under the carbon neutrality target
  • Sharing Denmark’s experiences on liberalising the power sector

Policy monitoring

  • NDRC clarifies requirements of medium to long-term power contract in 2021
  • The capacity of subsidized biomass power projects in 2020 determined
  • MoF releases the first batch of subsidies for new energy vehicles in 2021

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