China Energy Policy Newsletter – April 2022

In this month’s newsletter:

China energy transition updates

  • The 14th Five-Year Plan for energy system development released
  • The 2035 roadmap for hydrogen industrial development is clear
  • NEA sets key tasks in the energy sector in 2022
  • Wind power and solar PV development continued to shift to the southeast in 2021
  • The wind and solar curtailment have been effectively controlled in 2021
  • CMA released the first short-term forecast product for wind and solar power


  • Coal policy revolution – Improving the linkage mechanism of China’s coal price, coal power price and end-use electricity price

Policy monitoring

  • NDRC releases a new development proposal on the Belt and Road Initiative
  • NDRC requires to increase electrification rates in key sections
  • NEA conducts planning study for renewable energy development in river basins
  • MoHURD promotes the application of BIPV

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