Energy Transition Trends 2018

China National Renewable Energy Centre, The Danish Energy Agency and Energinet in Denmark, GIZ, the German Energy Agency (dena) and Agora Energiewende in Germany, and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) cooperate in a large program “Boosting RE in China”. The aim is to provide China with the most recent international experiences on energy transition and to develop long-term energy system scenarios for the transition to a low-carbon, clean and efficient energy system in China.

This report is developed by the program partners to give a snapshot of the energy transition trends for three of the largest energy consumers in the world: China, Europe and United States of America, to give the reader insight in the visions, possibilities and challenges in the on-going energy transition for the three regions.

The challenges associated with a transition to a low-carbon energy sector are becoming better defined, with solutions for many already identified. While economic, political and social differences exist among all nations, core technical, physical and business-based solutions appear to be consistent and broadly applicable. Institutional coordination among countries to share these innovations and lessons learned can bolster global progress in the energy transition.