China Energy Policy Newsletter – June 2021

In this month’s newsletter:

China energy transition updates

  • China has reached the “13th Five-Year” carbon emission reduction target
  • The NDRC released the early warning results of the energy consumption dual-control process
  • NEA publishes renewable power consumption targets for each province in 2021 and 2022
  • NEA determines the official wind power and solar PV project construction rules in 2021
  • NDRC publishes the 2021 feed-in tariff policies for new energy
  • CSP will become an important peak-shaving power supply in Northwest China
  • China’s first floating offshore wind turbine rolls off the assembly line


  • It is possible to reach the “30-60 carbon targets” – China Renewable Energy Outlook 2020

Policy monitoring

  • The government encourages strengthening the green level of the free trade zone
  • MEE incorporates carbon emission impact assessment into EIA
  • NDRC encourages the construction of data centers supplied by green electricity
  • NDRC exploring new energy vehicles to participate in the spot power market
  • NDRC determines the energy price reform plan during 14th Five-Year period
  • NDRC to continue reduction on general industrial and commercial electricity prices

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