“It is possible to reach the “30-60 carbon targets” – China Renewable Energy Outlook 2020

The scenarios in CREO 2020 comprise two development pathways. The Stated Policies scenario (SPS) expresses firm implementation of the announced energy sector and related policies. The Below 2 °C scenario (B2D) shows how China can build an energy system for the ecological civilisation. The scenarios show that it is possible to have a CO2 peak before 2030 for the Chinese energy sector. In the B2D scenario, energy-related CO2 emissions peak just before 2025, highlighting the importance of significant transformation during the 14th Five-Year-Plan period. The main driver for the B2D scenario is a hard target for energy-related CO2 emissions reduction implemented by a strategy with energy efficiency, renewable electricity, electrification and sectoral transformation at the core.