China Energy Policy Newsletter – August 2021

In this month’s newsletter:

Project activities

  • DEA launched the latest flexibility research report in China

China energy transition updates

  • NDRC officially issues the 14th FYP for the development of circular economy
  • NEA publishes the 2020 Renewable Power Monitoring and Assessment Report
  • Renewable power capacity remained rapid expansion in 2021 H1
  • New residential solar PV projects can still get subsidies in 2021
  • Newly built market-oriented wind power and solar PV projects need to be equipped with peak shaving projects
  • NEA requires local governments to coordinate the development of rooftop solar PV
  • China will accelerate the development of deep-sea offshore wind power


  • China national ETS officially starts trading – overview and outlook

Policy monitoring

  • NDRC updates the time-of-use electricity pricing requirements
  • The government clarifies the key tasks for the development of new-type energy storage till 2030
  • MIIT releases 2021-2023 Data Center Development Action Plan
  • NDRC determines the scope of energy infrastructure involved into the REITs
  • NEA will certify national energy R&D centers and laboratories
  • NDRC promotes 5G applications in the energy sector
  • NDRC issues pricing mechanism for natural gas pipeline transportation
  • NDRC allows new energy power projects to construct grid connection projects

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