China Energy Policy Newsletter – November 2022

In this month’s newsletter:

Project activities

  • CETO 2023 Special Report for COP27 launched in Egypt

China energy transition updates

  • MEE releases China’s 2022 annual report on climate change
  • The 20th CPC National Congress proposed the concept of building a new-type energy system for the first time
  • The government further clarifies the scope of total energy consumption control
  • The third batch of large-scale wind power and solar PV bases declaration has been launched
  • MEE Releases 2021-2022 carbon allowance plan (draft)
  • The government is to study building household solar PVs into CCER

Policy monitoring

  • The government expands the range of industries in which foreign investment is encouraged
  • The government releases the timetable for the construction of the metering system of dual carbon target
  • NEA clarifies key technical tasks in the energy sector during the 14th Five-Year Plan period

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